DIY Motorcycle Gyrocam

'do it yourself' gyroscopic Camera-Mount for GoPro and similar Action-Cameras

Donations will be used to develop and produce new controller with better and more functionalities

Model 2014b

Due to a Controller-redesign the Plasticparts have to be adjusted.
Test of a improved Naked/Case concept which allows more flexibility to change between Naked and Case version
2014b naked 2014b case

Model 2014

The Build-Log for a Model 2014 can be found here
this should allow you to rebuild one for yourself or for your friends
approved and strong Plastic can be ordered at mosci's place
mostly all on my youtube-channel released and related Videos between May 2014 and April 2015 have been recorded with some Units like this:
variations of the 2014 version of the Motorcycle Gyrocam

Gyroscopic Cameramount for GoPro or similar Actioncams

Testing - 2014

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